Job offers

To strengthen the networking in the PSMR-TBP2022 community we are happy to provide this page to share job offers. To offer a job please send a mail to the conference organising committee including the following data:

  • job title
  • a brief description of the job
  • affiliation, city and country
  • a PDF document containing more detailed information regarding your job offer

Your advertisement will be published on the conference website as soon as possible.

Published Title Description Affiliation
18/5/2022 Post-Doctoral Fellowships In Medical Physics The Functional Imaging and Instrumentation Group is opening two post-doc positions and a fixed term research contract on AI-enhanced PET image data acquisition, reconstruction and analysis. Department of Physics "E. Fermi", University of Pisa and INFN (Pisa, Italy)
20/5/2022 Detector scientist and PET physicist positions The recruited persons will work with next-generation full-stack AI-enhanced hardware and software technologies for gamma ray detection. IRIDAE s.r.l., Pisa, Italy
25/5/2022 Understanding the link between brain energy metabolism and cognitive decline We are seeking a PhD student or postdoctoral fellow to join a research team investigating the interrelationship between cerebrovascular disease, cerebral energy metabolism, and cognitive function. Combining perfusion MRI with 15O-PET, our goal is to answer two questions: “What is the impact of disease-related changes in the smallest blood vessels (known as capillaries dysfunction) on oxygen delivery to the brain?” and “Does capillary dysfunction impede the increase in energy production initiated by a cognitively demanding task?” This project will focus on patients diagnosed with carotid artery stenosis since the disease is associated with cognitive impairment. Imaging will be conducted on a Siemens Biograph mMR system with 15O capabilities. Dr. Keith St Lawrence, Lawson Health Research Institute, London, Ontario, Canada
26/5/2022 Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scientist PET physics and reconstruction expert Siemens Knoxville Tennessee USA